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No Excuses Package

People use every excuse imaginable. I accept none of them! You come here you come to succeed or don’t waste either of our time. XtremeLiving is one of the few if not the only place that care more about forcing you to MAKE IT HAPPEN than the few dollar we charge to help you do it. Lets get real here, ANY average personal trainer will charge $30.00 per session. I am no average trainer. XtremeLiving Gym is no average facility. Its the Make It Fucking Happen place. Period. I could easily charge $150.00 a month, and take double the amount of clients I do. Past experience tells me I could and would still be booked full even then. However I am not interested in working for or being around people that half ass everything they do. This offer will run through the 1st of the year. It ends 1-1-16! Act now or start thinking up another excuse for why you are still not in the best shape of your life in 2016. YOU are the only thing stopping YOU!

Whats included?  12 months of online coaching or in person training. An XtremeLiving T-Shirt and the results you are looking for!

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Gym Membership And Personal Training

This is a limited time offer for obvious reasons. You will pay $30.00 – $50.00 per session with a quality personal trainer alone at any gym I know of. I encourage you to call around and see for yourself. What I am offering in this package is unheard of. You get a gym membership as well as personally trained by me. 20150607_131953That’s personal training and a gym membership for literally pennies on the dollar. This is a promotional package and will end on 12-1-15 or when all available openings are full. I can tell you from past experience we will run out of openings well before the promotion ends. Act now. I look forward to helping you define your goals and putting you on the path of reaching them.



Fasted Sith is Extreme and Haters of Your Dreams

Hey guys!!

Many of you may not know me but if you do then it’s ya boy Fasted Sith from Youtube! Before I begin my first Post on Extreme Living’s new and improved website I’d like to take the time to thank Dave for bringing me on and being patient. He’s a awesome individual, inspiring, charismatic, and a different outside the box thinker and it’s truly an honor to be associated with him and his brand. Now enough of the overly gushing sentiments let’s get down to business.

So as I stated above I’m Fasted Sith and I tend to be extreme in anything I do. I even let my weight get extreme by becoming over 600lbs! Yeah I know crazy right? Well that’s not even the half of it! I tried to lose weight last year and I extremely fell off the wagon (You gotta admit that’s funny).  Taking a year off after literally giving up and quitting made me realize all the more how important it is to take responsibilities when you fail and to accept your part in them. I won’t say that I knew it all but I will say that I did not know myself enough to begin something as ambitious as losing 200lbs in a year.

When you have a dream you have to first identify how bad do you want it? Second you have to identify why you want it. Third you have to ask yourself are you ready for it? The first two points I had covered but the third not so much. I’ll admit that even though I am the mental guy of the fitness community here on Youtube I did not take my own medicine and became distracted by critics (The biggest being myself) and environmental circumstances.  Whenever you’re trying to do something great you kind of got to live in a bubble that filters out the background noise of the people around you.

When you are trying to do something great or lofty people live in a scarcity mindset and are quick to tell you, “Hey that won’t work!” or “Man you’re nuts!”. All that does is make you stop, pause, and question whether or not it will or it won’t work. Which is why  I said earlier you always have to keep “Are you ready for it” in mind and remind yourself of reason 1&2 cause if you don’t, you will fail. You are going to have many “Haters of Your Dreams” because people cannot simply fathom that you have such belief in yourself or more then likely they tried something similar and failed. Failure is not the end of the road people.

If you fail you have to just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again cause failure honestly is an indicator you’re on the right path. Why do I say that failure means the right path? What have you ever learned from success? Nothing! You achieved it so there is no lesson but, ahhh failure is a cruel teacher and does not sugarcoat. So what I am basically saying is, do not fear failure become friends with it. Learn to use it as measure of how you are doing. Oh I messed up? So what! What can you learn from it? In doing so just as in working out in the gym or losing weight you will see results! So travel the roads less traveled and dare to dream big because if you fall short guess what? You’re just one step closer to a breakthrough!

Rack Pulls

The Power Of Mental Completion


If you stumbled onto this post looking for porn, its not that type of completion. What we are going to discuss is how so many people spend so much time thinking about what they are going to do or want to do that in their mind it’s as if it’s already been completed. Don’t get me wrong I am all about knowing what you are doing and understanding the risks and rewards. However I see so many people that never do anything because they research it for day, weeks, or even months on end. Then they discuss it with everyone they have ever known to the point the discussions start sounding more like them bragging about how they did it. When in reality nothing has been done or even started. Often we see, and even do this but it is passed off as laziness. Just for the record there are a LOT of lazy people in this world as well but we will save that for another time.  If you want something in life or have a dream of the kind of life you want to live you will need to “MAKE IT HAPPEN”. There will never be a time in your life where anyone is going to just hand you something worth having. There is only one person you can blame or thank for what you have or do not and that is you. It does not matter if it’s a job you want, the physique you wish had, or becoming completely debt free. Anything can be done if you are willing to do it. So whatever “IT” is make the decision to Make It Happen, then spend as much or even more time doing it as you do sitting around talking about it. Don’t make excuses why it can’t happen. There is as I said only one excuse for that. So are you going to sit in your rocking chair at 65 and think about all you wish you would have done or will you still be doing what you love because you made it happen? The choice is yours!

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Make Today The Day

Thanks for choosing ExtremeLiving and ExtremeLiving.Biz

We are a leader in the Physical and Financial industry. We offer online coaching and in person training. Want to become Debt Free? Ready to get in the best shape of your life? If you are ready for a no bullshit, guaranteed, proven system that works then you are in the right place. lets MAKE IT HAPPEN. Do it now or don’t complain about it tomorrow! NO EXCUSES. 

download (3)We will walk you through everything from a good diet program to a training scheduled that will lead you where you want to go. We tailor each program to the individual. We do not use cookie cutter programs that will leave you feeling frustrated ready to give up. We will show you what, when, and how. we like to hear from our clients on a daily basis so you NEVER feel like you are on your own. we encourage questions. You will have access to a library of how to exercise videos. Our program works because we do not let you fail. We will push you, and care about the direction you head. We use the app My Fitness Pal to not only track you macros but to hold you accountable. Accountability is one of the best tools you can ever have. You will use the members section on our website to check in every Monday with required info. We have made a .99 cent trial so that you can not possibly justify not testing it out. Once you test it out you will be hooked on success. Don’t get me wrong you will not drop 50lbs of fat or gain 50lbs of muscle in 30 days. However you will quickly see the level of service we provide and you will be unable to walk away from you 12 month total body transformation.

Now is the time. There is no tomorrow.

I am ready! Are you? 


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