Fasted Sith is Extreme and Haters of Your Dreams

Hey guys!!

Many of you may not know me but if you do then it’s ya boy Fasted Sith from Youtube! Before I begin my first Post on Extreme Living’s new and improved website I’d like to take the time to thank Dave for bringing me on and being patient. He’s a awesome individual, inspiring, charismatic, and a different outside the box thinker and it’s truly an honor to be associated with him and his brand. Now enough of the overly gushing sentiments let’s get down to business.

So as I stated above I’m Fasted Sith and I tend to be extreme in anything I do. I even let my weight get extreme by becoming over 600lbs! Yeah I know crazy right? Well that’s not even the half of it! I tried to lose weight last year and I extremely fell off the wagon (You gotta admit that’s funny).  Taking a year off after literally giving up and quitting made me realize all the more how important it is to take responsibilities when you fail and to accept your part in them. I won’t say that I knew it all but I will say that I did not know myself enough to begin something as ambitious as losing 200lbs in a year.

When you have a dream you have to first identify how bad do you want it? Second you have to identify why you want it. Third you have to ask yourself are you ready for it? The first two points I had covered but the third not so much. I’ll admit that even though I am the mental guy of the fitness community here on Youtube I did not take my own medicine and became distracted by critics (The biggest being myself) and environmental circumstances.  Whenever you’re trying to do something great you kind of got to live in a bubble that filters out the background noise of the people around you.

When you are trying to do something great or lofty people live in a scarcity mindset and are quick to tell you, “Hey that won’t work!” or “Man you’re nuts!”. All that does is make you stop, pause, and question whether or not it will or it won’t work. Which is why  I said earlier you always have to keep “Are you ready for it” in mind and remind yourself of reason 1&2 cause if you don’t, you will fail. You are going to have many “Haters of Your Dreams” because people cannot simply fathom that you have such belief in yourself or more then likely they tried something similar and failed. Failure is not the end of the road people.

If you fail you have to just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again cause failure honestly is an indicator you’re on the right path. Why do I say that failure means the right path? What have you ever learned from success? Nothing! You achieved it so there is no lesson but, ahhh failure is a cruel teacher and does not sugarcoat. So what I am basically saying is, do not fear failure become friends with it. Learn to use it as measure of how you are doing. Oh I messed up? So what! What can you learn from it? In doing so just as in working out in the gym or losing weight you will see results! So travel the roads less traveled and dare to dream big because if you fall short guess what? You’re just one step closer to a breakthrough!

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