No Excuses Package

People use every excuse imaginable. I accept none of them! You come here you come to succeed or don’t waste either of our time. XtremeLiving is one of the few if not the only place that care more about forcing you to MAKE IT HAPPEN than the few dollar we charge to help you do it. Lets get real here, ANY average personal trainer will charge $30.00 per session. I am no average trainer. XtremeLiving Gym is no average facility. Its the Make It Fucking Happen place. Period. I could easily charge $150.00 a month, and take double the amount of clients I do. Past experience tells me I could and would still be booked full even then. However I am not interested in working for or being around people that half ass everything they do. This offer will run through the 1st of the year. It ends 1-1-16! Act now or start thinking up another excuse for why you are still not in the best shape of your life in 2016. YOU are the only thing stopping YOU!

Whats included?  12 months of online coaching or in person training. An XtremeLiving T-Shirt and the results you are looking for!

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Holiday Sale Price $379.00


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