The Power Of Mental Completion


If you stumbled onto this post looking for porn, its not that type of completion. What we are going to discuss is how so many people spend so much time thinking about what they are going to do or want to do that in their mind it’s as if it’s already been completed. Don’t get me wrong I am all about knowing what you are doing and understanding the risks and rewards. However I see so many people that never do anything because they research it for day, weeks, or even months on end. Then they discuss it with everyone they have ever known to the point the discussions start sounding more like them bragging about how they did it. When in reality nothing has been done or even started. Often we see, and even do this but it is passed off as laziness. Just for the record there are a LOT of lazy people in this world as well but we will save that for another time.  If you want something in life or have a dream of the kind of life you want to live you will need to “MAKE IT HAPPEN”. There will never be a time in your life where anyone is going to just hand you something worth having. There is only one person you can blame or thank for what you have or do not and that is you. It does not matter if it’s a job you want, the physique you wish had, or becoming completely debt free. Anything can be done if you are willing to do it. So whatever “IT” is make the decision to Make It Happen, then spend as much or even more time doing it as you do sitting around talking about it. Don’t make excuses why it can’t happen. There is as I said only one excuse for that. So are you going to sit in your rocking chair at 65 and think about all you wish you would have done or will you still be doing what you love because you made it happen? The choice is yours!

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